Over the last few months, we've had several foggy nights where I live. Last night was one of the best. My sixteen year old son (who is heavily into shooting and editing videos) even mentioned he wished he could go out and shoot some stock footage for later use in his videos. It was that atmospheric.

My wife and I were up late watching a movie, and just before midnight I looked out the window and noticed the fog was so thick, you could barely see the house across the road. I debated whether to just go to bed, or get out my camera. Well, if I'm going to create some art– I go all out. I grabbed my medium format Pentax 645 and stepped outside; I wasn't disappointed. The traffic lights on my corner added nice color to the yellow street light world. And being so late, I was able to make some pictures from the middle of my normally busy road. I was only outside for less than fifteen minutes but I had to resist the temptation to walk round my neighborhood for a couple more hours; instead I went to bed, pleased with the images I made... right outside my front door.