2016 marks twenty years of my photos being on the web. I learned basic HTML coding back in 1996 by looking at the source code of websites I liked, and then I wrote my own web pages. By that summer, I posted the first version of Hudson Fine Art, though I didn't acquire the domain name until a few years later. The first pictures were very small- they had to be so that everyone with 28.8 dialup modems (like me) could load the pages.

Today I'm rolling out the 14th and best version of my fine art photography site. For the first time, I'm able to showcase large, full screen images, closer to the way they're meant to be seen. I use a professional medium format digital camera for most of my fine art photography which is capable of producing incredibly detailed and sharp photos, with no pixellation. In layman's terms, what this means is that my pictures are meant to be seen as big as possible, to get the full effect of each image.

I've been frustrated for years about the tiny photos I've shared on Facebook and on my previous websites. It's like a classical musician playing in a crowded, noisy room at low volume; all the subtleties become lost.

Adjust your browser window to fill your monitor; the website will adjust automatically to give you the largest pictures possible. A full screen photo is still no match for a 36, 45 or 60-inch wall print, but after twenty years, it's definitely getting better.