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Why an ebook?
A good guide book should tell you where to go, and show great pictures of places you'll want to see. But an ebook can take it further. Almost every picture in my ebook is linked to Google Maps, making it simple to find directions to the best locations in Acadia. And in an ebook, the pictures are amazingly clear and sharp, far superior to printed pictures in a traditional book. Once you download the ebook, you can view it offline (links will only work with internet access), meaning you can take it anywhere you go in Acadia and still view pictures and read the written directions.

What's different about your book?
There are many guide books about Acadia National Park. Some even have tips on good places to photograph. To my knowledge, though, this is the only book– ebook or physical book– with beautiful photos that link to Google Maps, as well as give GPS coordinates, to make it easy to find each location for yourself. There are many other great reasons that set this book apart from the rest, but for finding the best locations in Acadia, this is the book.

What devices will it work on?
The Photographer's Guide to Acadia can be read on most devices that can read pdf's (Adobe Acrobat is a free download if you need a pdf reader). The book is also available from the iTunes store in a special Multi-Touch edition for the iPad and Macs running OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.

Are you selling a physical book too?
No. There are many features that are unique to the ebook experience; in this book, that includes over 150 links to maps, videos, helpful apps and websites. I may re-work the book for the traditional publishing market eventually, but for now, it's only available in ebook format.

I don't know much about photography… should I buy the book?
I wrote the book to appeal to a wide range of people, even those with no interest in photography. If you just want to know where to find the most beautiful places in Acadia, this book will lead you to them. However, if you're a beginning photographer, advanced amateur, or a seasoned professional, this book was specifically written with you in mind. If you're new to photography or maybe a little unsure how to use your camera, you'll find an entire chapter devoted to photography basics. I explain some technical terms and talk about professional equipment, but I've done my best to teach things in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Can I buy prints of your photos?
Click on the "Prints" link above.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the book?
Unfortunately, all sales are final. Unlike a traditional book (which can be returned), ebooks can't be brought back to a store. In fact, the vendors through whom I sell my book have a no returns policy, so I'm unable to refund your money.

Can I share copies of the book?
No. I've spent hundreds of hours collecting images, researching and writing this book; please respect my copyright and don't share it with others. However, if you enjoy the book and find it helpful, pass on a link to your friends and family. If you're purchasing the book for workshop groups, or are interested in volume discounts, contact me at

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