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Acadia Photo Tour 2016

Rugged Coastline, Acadia, 2014

Rugged Coastline, Acadia, 2014

Photo Tour 2016

In 2006 I visited Acadia National Park in Maine for the first time. I spent a week there, exploring and learning my way around the Park. I've been back eleven times since then, each time getting more familiar with Acadia. I've written two photography books about Autumn in Acadia and how to do landscape photography in the Park. This Fall, I'm hoping to lead my first photography tour in the park.

On that first trip in 2006, I was surprised how many photographers were leading workshops there. One cold morning, I waited patiently on top of Cadillac Mountain with a couple hundred others to see the sun coming up over the Atlantic Ocean- a rite of passage for all visitors to Acadia. As we waited, I got talking with some photographers around me. They started asking me questions about some of the accessories on my camera, what my filters did, and asked me where some other good spots in the park were. It turns out they were part of a workshop being lead by a guy who was… several hundred yards away, taking photos by himself. He'd left his group high and dry. It started me thinking, I could lead a group better than this...

This will be a photo tour you'll remember, with stops in the most iconic Acadia locations, and I'll share with you several of my favorite places, many of them unknown to other photographers. It'll be several days of landscape photography, camaraderie, hiking, good food, and I'll teach you what I know about coaxing beautiful images from the landscape. Accommodations and transport for the duration will be included. Dates and costs have yet to be determined, but the trip will probably be the second week of October– peak foliage time. If you'd like to be notified when the details have been finalized, email me here and I'll send you the itinerary and costs.