This summer I had the honor of being featured in f/11 Magazine. In the last couple years, I've been experimenting with camera movement, multiple exposures and new ways to create art using photography. I've titled my new method of photographing trees "Circumambulations," which means to walk around something. Earlier this summer, I talked about the technique and my photography background– from photographing the Royal Family to my landscape, commercial and fine art photography in f/11 Magazine.

Published in New Zealand, f/11 is a monthly magazine for anyone who loves photography and creating beautiful images- landscapes, art, portraits, architecture, travel, adventure, etc. I was honored to be one of their three featured photographers in July. The article on my photography is 27 pages long and contains plenty of full page images. If you love great photography, subscribe to the magazine for free at the link below.

My article is in the July issue, beginning on page 100: