Does a Magician Share His Secrets?

I get lots of questions from aspiring photographers. How did you photograph that? What camera/shutter speed/lens/filters did you use? I understand the questions– it's how we all learn. I used to share all my camera techniques– everything I've learned from decades of being a photographer. But recently I've developed some new techniques that are unique to how I work and the way I create my art so I'm not so quick to share my 'secrets' anymore. It's a little bit like asking Van Gogh what brushes and paints he used, how he prepped his canvases and how he painted Starry Night. In the end, technique can be taught and learned, but developing a style in your art/ photography is very personal; it can't be taught but has to be developed from within, so I've decided not to share all of my techniques. Well some just not all :)

Having said all that, if you do want to learn some of my techniques for photographing the great outdoors, there's still hope! In 2014, I wrote The Photographer's Guide to Acadia, a 203-page ebook that not only gives away all the best places to photograph in Acadia National Park (including links to all the pictures on Google Maps), but it explains many of the techniques I used to make my images. I've included the camera settings for each picture- which camera I used, the aperture, shutter speed, ISO setting and what filters were on the lens. And even if you never plan to visit Acadia, but do love scenic/ landscape/ outdoor photography, this book will guide you in how to use your camera and get the most out of it.

The book costs just $12.99 and can be ordered from iTunes or as a pdf. Click here to get your copy now.