Seven Gables, Four Seasons


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For four years, from 2013 until January 2017, I walked around Seven Gables Park near my home almost every Sunday morning– no matter what the weather. Some mornings were below zero and bitter cold and I had the park to myself. Others were packed with club soccer teams and the parking lots were full.

When I first started walking, I began to notice the subtle transformation in the trees as they changed from dark green to orange and yellow to brown and finally dropped their leaves in early winter. Being a photographer, I naturally started taking pictures of the trees. While I normally use a large, heavy medium format digital camera for my fine art landscapes, all these pictures were taken with the same small point-and-shoot camera with minimal manual controls. I didn’t want to make a big deal over the photography. But as I walked each week, I began photographing “stations” around the park– locations I would photograph from the same position every time. My original four or five stations grew to over forty. I stopped photographing some as I realized they only photographed well in one season and were drab the rest of the year.

As the seasons changed, and I compared the images I’d made, I was fascinated by the changes the park undergoes every year, from lush in the summertime to bleak and dreary in midwinter. Colorful and crunchy in Autumn to pale green and new in Spring. Before I knew it, I had made over 3500 images of the changing seasons, including hundreds of single images that didn’t fit into my ‘four seasons’ project.

This web page is under construction... come back soon to see hundreds of images from this project.